How to Donate

I want to make it as easy as possible, so there are several easy ways you can make your donation toward my $7500 goal to fight ocular melanoma as part of Team Eye and Ear. And thank you for doing so!

1. You can donate online via my Crowdrise page. This is the online service that Team Eye and Ear is using to aggregate donations. It’s pretty easy–I used it myself to donate to my own cause! Crowdrise uses Amazon for payment, so you can use your existing Amazon account and/or any credit card you wish. One note: When you go to check out, there’s an annoying “optional processing fee” that pops up automatically. Click the ‘edit’ button and you can rid yourself of the fee. If you want to find out about Crowdrise, click here.

2. I’ve set up a Paypal donation page.  If you have a paypal account, you can donate using money in that account. Or you can choose to use a credit card to donate via Paypal as well. The Paypal donations go into an account in my name and are tagged as for “Jack’s Run for Cancer.” I’ll then forward them to the non-profit Foundation for Mass Eye and Ear in your name. Paypal let’s you send me a comment–let me know if you prefer to be anonymous.

3. You can send me a check. Make the check out to Foundation of Mass. Eye and Ear, Inc. and send it to me:  Jack Savage, 223 Silver Street, Middleton, NH  03887. I’ll then forward it to the non-profit Foundation of Mass Eye and Ear in your name.  Note on the check that it is for Jacks Run for Cancer. There shouldn’t be too much confusion though–I don’t typically have people writing me random checks, so I can pretty much assume any personal checks I receive are for this effort.

How Much to Donate

Here’s a few suggested donation levels for you to consider. Don’t donate money that you don’t have. But if you do have the ability to give, consider the following:

$26.20 Level: This is a dollar for every mile in the marathon that I’ll be running. You could sell something on e-bay, have the money go into your Paypal account, then donate via Paypal. I figure I’m going to need 100 people to donate at this level.

$52.40 Level: OK, so I’m not going to run the Boston Marathon twice, though there are people who do it–they run from Boston to Hopkinton, then turn around and run back to Boston. Hmmm, maybe I could do that. Please don’t dare me. Just donate $2 a mile–and thanks.

$104.80 Level: This is a very generous donation, so thanks four times over!

$262.00 Level: I’m looking for eight significant donors at this level, people who really want to step up and help the cause. I have one such donation made, and one pledged. If you’re this kind of donor, I am most humbly greatful. I mean graitful. Wate, I mean grateful.

$1000.00 Level: Team Eye and Ear offers corporate sponsorships at this level. Corporate sponsors get extra percs, like a personal visit with your choice of celebrity, Brad Pitt or Jennifer Anniston. OK, not that, but your company name on the Team shirt, which is almost as good, right? Contact me at jacksavageATroadrunnerDOTcom if you’re interested in this.

$2500.00 Level: With people like you on board, we will give ocular melanoma a serious knock out punch!

If you have any other questions or problems, email me at jacksavageATroadrunnerDOTcom.  And thanks again!


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