Posted by: Jack Savage | April 3, 2012

Two Weeks To Go

I continue to be so impressed and appreciative of everyone’s support. With firm pledges, the fundraising has reached the $4500 mark! That means there’s still $3,000 to raise to reach the $7500 goal. There’s still time to donate…checks can be made out to Foundation of Mass Eye and Ear.

Quite a bit of my training this winter has been done at Planet Fitness. During the worst weather I did my best to wear out their treadmills, and I continue to do strength training and stretching there. To support my Run for Cancer Research, Planet Fitness is donating a one-year membership to one of it’s clubs in New Hampshire along with a gear bag. I’ll be holding a drawing from the names of donors to determine the winner of the Planet Fitness membership. For the list of the clubs where the membership is good, click here.

I get lots of questions about how the training is going. In general, good! I’m now in the tapering phase–letting the body recuperate from the hard work up to this point. That means running fewer miles this week and next,while increasing the intensity of the shorter workouts to sharpen my speed. ‘Speed’ being a VERY relative term, given that I could not run even one mile at the pace that the top ten runners will run 26.2.



  1. I just saw your article in the Rochester Times. Our son was diagnosed with
    ocular melanoma in 2002 at Wills Eye Clinic in PA (he was 34). He was good
    until last fall when his scheduled appt. did not come back quite the way it
    should have. He had surgery in December of 2011 and it was confirmed that
    he has Stage IV Lung Melanoma. Would love to get together with you
    sometime, if you wouldn’t mind since you know exactly what I am going through, He is currently being treated at Dana Farber.

    • Hi:

      Thanks so much for contacting me–I’d be pleased to meet you–perhaps sometime this coming week? My home phone is 755-3730. I’m so sorry to hear about your son’s melanoma–I’m sure they are doing everything possible at Dana Farber.


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