Posted by: Jack Savage | March 22, 2012

Glass Half Full

On Sunday March 18 I ran the New York City Half Marathon, which was great practice for running alongside thousands of other participants through an urban landscape. The NYC half had 15,331 runners–we started with a counter-clockwise loop around Central Park, then headed down Seventh Ave. to Times Square, where we turned right, then left down West Side Drive to South Street Seaport. I finished 2191st, a good 40 minutes behind the elite top ten.

With that many runners it took about five minutes from the time the starter’s horn went off until I crossed the starting line. I learned a couple good lessons and practiced drinking on the fly from the paper cups they use (I only poured water up my nose once).

About six miles into the race I wasn’t paying enough attention to runners around me and was tripped from behind. I took a tumble and ended up on my butt in the middle of the course, 10,000 runners bearing down on me. As I hurried to get up (at age 52 I don’t bounce like I used to), a thought flashed through my head–what if like my Mass Eye and Ear teammate Chris Mehmel, I only had one leg? How hard would it be scramble to my feet then? That thought made me feel lucky, and I shook it off and took off running again.

Later, I asked Chris about this. He shrugged and said–‘I’d just use my left leg to stand up’. Great attitude.

I had planned to run a fairly easy race, as a training run. But then a few weeks before the NY Half my brother pointed out to me that if I managed to run under 1:40, I could qualify for the NY Marathon in November. So that’s what I did: 1:39:41.

On to Boston!



  1. Kudos to you Jack for taking on this challenge! We are rooting for you!

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