Posted by: Jack Savage | February 10, 2012

Positive Steps

First, thanks to those who have already donated! Though I still have a long way to go, the momentum is starting to build on the way to my $7500 goal–in fact, just this morning we hit the $1,000 mark! I really appreciate the support–from colleagues, from friends, from friends of Mike Kimball, and from my family. Thank you to all.

I received in the mail this week the official notification of my acceptance into the 2012 Boston Marathon from the Boston Athletic Association. It’s certainly a thrill to get in, though that’s tempered by feeling guilty about the fact that there are any number of runners out there who worked incredibly hard to qualify for Boston but did NOT get in. Although there will be some 27,000 people officially running this year, there are still thousands who desperately want to run and didn’t manage to get a bib. I try to remember that charity runners like myself aren’t really taking away someone else’s opportunity, we are part of the system that allows the BAA to put on the race.

Team Eye and Ear posted a short video of ‘why I’m running’ this week–you can see it here:


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